Panasonic broadcast solutions live stream ‘One Night in November’

Panasonic Broadcast Solutions Live Stream Blitz Play ?One Night In November? From Theatre

Panasonic professional cameras and broadcast equipment will be used to create a live stream to the internet of the hit Coventry Blitz play, One Night in November.

No newcomer to the Live Broadcast and Internet Streaming concept, Panasonic professional broadcast solutions including three AW-HE120s remote cameras an RP120 remote camera controller plus a number of Panasonic professional projectors will enable the Belgrade Theatre Coventry to produce and extend the experience of ‘One Night In November’ well beyond the walls of their theatres venue.  Audiences from the UK and around the world will be able to see the performance which will be preceded by interviews with the play’s writer Alan Pollock and the director Hamish Glen, as well as some memories from survivors of the Coventry Blitz and behind the scenes footage from the Belgrade.

This is the first time that the Belgrade Theatre has streamed a live performance on to the internet and Panasonic technology will play an essential role in making what for years have been dreams become a reality from 

About the technology: 

Panasonic AW-HE120: HD Integrated Remote Video Camera

  • Weighs just 6.6lbs and consumes just 21 Watts at 12V DC (power supply included)
  • Available in two colours (HE120W: pearl white; and HE120K: black matte metallic) to suit a range of installation venues.
  • Built-in remote-controllable, four-position ND filter (clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64) facilitates flexible exposure control in brightly lit shooting situations
  • Newly-developed pan-tilt mechanism combines a high level of responsiveness with static precision. A low NC (Noise Criteria) level of 35 is maintained for shooting in noise sensitive environments such as jazz clubs and boardrooms.
  • Up to 100 preset positions and camera settings are stored in the camera, perfect for the most demanding large venue installation
  • A twist-lock ceiling mount is included as a standard accessory, and the HE120 also equipped with a 1/4-20 tripod mounting screw receptacle and a safety lanyard for use with many tripod mounting and grip systems.

This integrated remote video camera with a pan-tilt head has a compact design approximately 60% both smaller and lighter than earlier model AW-HE100 and IP connectivity, making it easy to install. An integrated remote video camera with a pan-tilt head, the new AW-HE120 has a compact design approximately 60% both smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the AW-HE100, as well as a more powerful 20 x zoom lens and a 2.2 megapixel U.L.T. 3-MOS image capture system with support for Full HD video.

Panasonic AW-RP120: Remote Camera Controller

  • Newly designed control panel
  • Smooth Pan/Tilt Control with new joystick
  • Preset / Tracing memory functions
  • Color image adjustment function
  • Flexible System Design by using IP connection and control
  • Storage Setting to SD card

The AW-RP120G Remote Camera Controller supports a variety of Panasonic remote camera systems. IP connection allows a large-scale, flexible, and simple system configuration for controlling up to 100 remote cameras and the simultaneous use of multiple controllers.

A new joystick enables high response pan and tilt operation, and a newly designed control panel adds colour adjustment dials.

A preset memory with a new batch recall function and tracing memory save labour by allowing single-person operation. Equipped with Paint and other camera adjustment functions, the AW-RP120G meets a wide range of high-end needs. It is the ideal all-in-one controller for many applications such as event, conference hall, public facility, wedding and broadcasting use.

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