Panasonic announces lightweight and eco-friendly projector series

Panasonic Announce TW TX Single  Chip DLP Short Throw Projector Series (4)

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe have announced the launch of the new TW/TX Series of 1-chip DLP Short-throw projectors. Combining a compact, light-weight design with an extensive list of functions, the TW/TX Series is perfect for educational institutions or the business environment.

The new TW/TX series is comprised of five models, the PT-TW330 (3100 lm – WXGA); PT-TW240 (2700 lm – WXGA); PT-TX300 (3000 lm – XGA); PT-TW331R (3100 lm- WXGA) and PT-TX301R (3000 lm – XGA) of which the latter two come with interactive functionality ideal for presentations. This interactive feature offers both a multi pen usage and auto-calibration function that enables users to write directly onto an image and capture the information into a file, for efficient and engaging classroom lessons or presentations. With a brightness of up to 3,100 lumens and a high contrast ratio of up to 7,500:1, the TW/TX Series projectors deliver crisp images that offer excellent detail and depth, ideal for the educational setting and in conference rooms.

Panasonic Announce TW TX Single  Chip DLP Short Throw Projector Series (2) (2)The PT-TW331R, PT-TW330 and PT-TW240 models are able to project an 80-inch image from a mere 90cm (2.5ft) away. This allows a large image projection without dazzling the presenter or casting shadows over the screen.

The all range features an 8W built-in speaker to meet teaching or meeting requirements. Additionally, the 29-dB design in “Eco mode” offers a quiet and unnoticeable noise level which allows classes and meetings to run smoothly and uninterrupted.

The range of eco-friendly models, constructed with an Intelligent Lamp Control System that reduces power consumption, are equipped with a number of interface options including HDMI and two sets of computer input terminals, in order to simplify connectivity and deliver crystal-clear HD audio and video from a range of devices. For more information on the TW/TX Series and other Panasonic visual system solutions, please visit 

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