The PAC Easikey range – Affordable access control

This range from PAC comes in two forms, the Easikey 250 and the Easikey 1000. The distinct features of this range is that it provides simple and reliable out of the box door access control at an affordable price.

PAC Easikey 250

PAC easikey 250 door access control with prox

PAC Easikey proximity

This is a simple to use standalone door access controller. It controls the access of up to two doors for 250 users, or 500 when the controller is paired.  The PAC Easikey 250 is a cost effective solution suited to small scale installations such as small commercial offices or blocks of flats. The reader has a backlit LCD display for easy reading and and conveys clear and simple instructions and comprehensive user help guide to set up and manage the system.

It is easy to install, as the PAC Easikey 250 has clearly marked power, lock and reader connections. Easikey is multilingual, with languages choices from English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian or Swedish.

The Easikey 250 can be used as a replacement or upgrade for the older system, Easikey 99. This is because it will fit the same slot in the module without any extra work. With Easikey 250’s quick and easy database copy facility, any upgrade is fast and cost effective

Each controller has an built-in PAC Oneprox Administration Reader, which offers three master keys and a fast and easy way to enrol or delete proximity tags.

PAC Easikey 1000

The 1000 model is a standalone access control system that controls up to two doors for up to 1000 users and is ideal for small to medium businesses. It has the ability to handle up to eight time profiles and the option to connect to a printer for easy reporting.

Easikey 1000 stores the last 1000 events in its memory, which can be printed out from a connected printer. This allows you to easily monitor the movements of people through each access point. It is possible to monitor a door with a door contact switch which enables the system to generate an alarm for “unauthorised access” and “door left open”.

Easikey is compatible with PAC’s Oneprox readers which offer vandal and weather resistant features. The addition of an optional PAC Wiegand interface enables the connection of other reading technologies not provided by PAC such as a long-range reader.

Both systems come pre-wired and can come in either an enclosed metal box or a metal box with cut-out. With the cut-out you have access to the keypad without having to unlock the box.

For more information about this range and PAC products, please visit our pac easikey range here

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