Oxford’s Prof Creese talks about visualising the cyber threat

On Friday I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours with the boffins (I just love that word!) at the University of Oxford’s Cyber Security Centre. Professor Sadie Creese, the Director of the Centre, talked me through the current thinking in cyber security, which will be the basis of an article in the very near future.

After our interview, she and her colleague Dr Jassim Happa demonstrated the software tools that are being developed at the Centre to help visualise the complex streams of data that flow through the Security Operations Centre of a typical IT department in a large organisation.

Dr Happa’s profile page on the Cyber Security Centre website says he “develops new visualisation approaches to improve situational awareness during cyber attacks” and he’s co-authored papers with Prof Creese on detecting and visualising the insider threat.

Prof Creese agreed to present a short video demonstration of the work they have been doing:

If you would like to learn more about the work of the University of Oxford Cyber Security Centre, I am currently working on an article (as I mentioned) which I hope to publish in the near future… So watch this space.

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