Over 200 security control rooms using Gallinet’s PeopleHours™


Gallinet’s PeopleHours™ on-line scheduling and control room monitoring software will benefit from another upgrade to one of its key application modules following the latest release this month.

The TelMe service for PeopleHours™ has been expanded so users can now securely upload and store files and documents to Employee & Location records within the core application.

Documents such as assignment instructions, risk assessments, HR documents, contract reviews, patrol point locations etc. can all be linked allowing them to be viewed and amended on the road or on site giving you and your staff secure access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they are. Storing data this way provides additional benefits such as automatic reminders when document annual reviews are due and the facility to complete reviews onsite, such as risk assessments, or face to face with an employee in the case of employee reviews.

This update is in addition to the existing functionality that’s allows staff to view their future, current and past duty schedules or holiday status using the convenience of mobile apps. Or, if Managers prefer, they can send rosters to all or selected staff via email with just a couple of clicks. There are currently over 1,000 employees checking their duty schedules daily using the TelMe service.

A full reporting suite for mangers allows reports to be scheduled and delivered automatically via email is also. Contracts Managers, or indeed their clients, can now have last night’s incidents reports automatically waiting in their email to be read over the first coffee of the morning, or time and attendance reports supporting invoices can be sent to accounts departments automatically to their required delivery schedules.

This update is just one of many planned that will add further functionality such as patrol recording using RFID tags, incident reporting and image capture or lone worker welfare monitoring as well as time and attendance generation to include GPS proof of presence records.

We also want to add features that are more directly useful to the end employee though to include reminders of upcoming shifts, the ability to request overtime and addition shifts, submit holiday applications or requests for days off or new uniform items.

In so many cases employees work outside of typical office hours, the exact opposite to the admin departments of their company, easing communications between the two can only make life easier for all.

TelMe is available as an addition to PeopleHours™ from just £15.00 per month.
Gallinet can be contacted at www.gallinet.com or 01384-237 333

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