OPTIMA help next generation get into security industry

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OPTIMA Defence and Security Group has developed tailored BTEC courses for young people who have an interest in working in security.

Exceeding National Operating Standards, OPTIMA ’s nationally recognised training courses, which run through Wiltshire College, are open to those currently on Job Seekers Allowance.

The government-funded courses include a 10-day Level 2 BTEC ‘Certificate in Knowledge of Providing Security Services ’, which encompasses private security industry roles and responsibilities, as well as developing leadership skills, problem solving and teamwork through a mixture of classroom, practical and offsite training.

With close to half a million jobs in the UK security business sector, demand for qualified employees is far-reaching – from retail security officers at the Ocotal Way, Swindon to Counter Threat Search Supervisors at national events and stadiums.

As recent student Vinny Zarola, explained: “I ’d just got my SIA licence, so my adviser at Job Centre Plus knew I was interested in security and put me in touch with OPTIMA.   I really enjoyed the course – great, professional instructors who make it extremely interesting, covering lots of subjects in a short time, from customer service to dealing with security incidents.

“I seemed to get more interest in my CV as soon as I ’d added my OPTIMA qualifications, and was offered interviews for event and retail security jobs, as well as an ad-hoc security role at the Newbury Racecourse.

“Only three weeks after completing the course, I had my first interview with Carillion and started working for them two weeks later. I now cover seven sites for Nationwide Building Society across Swindon carrying out internal and external patrols, CCTV monitoring and access control.”

With many of OPTIMA ’s specialist instructors having recently returned from the front-line in Afghanistan or currently operating as Executive Protection Offices in Libya, Egypt, Brazil and Iraq, students benefit from the way they bring their experiences to life, inspiring and motivating them for a future career in the security industry. Their expertise in countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and Search enhances the course beyond common industry standards, and also relates to every day experiences, helping improve chances of getting a job.

Nick Anderson, Managing Director of OPTIMA Security Training explains: “There ’s no doubt that security risks are increasing on a global scale – society as a whole needs to be much more aware of the potential threats surrounding everyday life. Commercial organisations who have a responsibility for people and property must constantly think one step ahead and make sure they have the best trained support staff to protect against potential threats.

“The OPTIMA security training courses offered through Wiltshire College enable students to get a relevant, valuable qualification, helping them really stand out from the crowd – a significant advantage in today ’s job market.”

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