OPTIMA Group launches in response to evolving military, public and civilian threats

OPTIMA-defence-securityOPTIMA Defence & Security has launched OPTIMA Group, a number of divisions coming together to provide worldwide Counter-IED (C-IED) & Search consultancy, trials and training.

In an era where threats to society are ever increasing, there are a number of organisations around the globe, from armies to police and border agencies, to commercial security and humanitarian groups, who focus on providing the highest levels of protection against a range of explosive threats.  What all these groups have in common is a need for the ability to understand threat, for the tools to identify it and the capability to combat it using the right equipment, training and procedures.

This is where OPTIMA comes in.  As a Group it has the capability to provide the complete range of C-IED & Search consultancy, trials and training across a number of sectors:

o   OPTIMA Defence Services: Consultancy, trials and training to develop C-IED capabilities in defence organisations

o   OPTIMA Private Security: Delivering consultancy, trials and training (BTEC accredited courses) to commercial security companies and departments

o   OPTIMA Security Training: Delivering threat specific security training to a number of private and commercial organisations

o   OPTIMA Law Enforcement: Consultancy, trials and training to police, border agency and other homeland security agencies

o   OPTIMA Humanitarian Organisations: Consultancy, trials and training to humanitarian organisations working in at-risk environments worldwide

o   OPTIMA Technology Development: Delivering consultancy, trials and training based on current best-practice operational experience to de-risk defence and security equipment projects

Keith Hammond, managing director for OPTIMA Group, said: “There is no doubt that security threat levels are increasing on a global scale – events like the Boston Marathon bomb are reminders of the fact that society as a whole needs to be much more aware of potential threats surrounding everyday life. IED’s will continue to be the weapon of choice for insurgents and terrorists. They are low budget, low technology and have high strategic impact. But as C-IED measures constantly improve, the nature of IEDs also constantly evolves – meaning there is a real need to be able to keep developing defence measures.

OPTIMA-group-logo“OPTIMA Group has the ability to match different training needs in differing sectors. An IED device targeted in UK urban areas will have different characteristics from buried devices in Afghanistan. Military organisations may need a low volume of specialist courses while commercial security companies might want a wider range of training services. Humanitarian organisations often prefer to work with contractors who are not overtly military in style.

“With the launch of OPTIMA Group, we can now serve each of these sectors better and use our passion, experience and expertise to tackle defence and security needs at an international level.”

OPTIMA Defence & Security’s training credentials were recently recognised at the prestigious Counter Terror Expo Awards, when the Group was awarded Best Counter IED/Successful Deployment Initiative in recognition of a highly effective C-IED training programme delivered to soldiers on the frontline in Afghanistan.

With the UK MoD under constant pressure to provide new C-IED capabilities with an ever constricting pool of resources and budgets, OPTIMA was able to help overcome a significant training challenge, becoming the first UK contractor to design and deliver training for a new handheld detector (HHD) capability for frontline soldiers in Afghanistan. In a ten-week period the company designed and delivered the course to 697 personnel – with 690 being deemed competent and the end of training, meaning 690 soldiers with the knowledge, expertise and confidence to use a new piece of C-IED kit.

Brigadier Duncan Capps, Commander Joint Force Support, Op HERRICK, saw the training first-hand. He commented: “OPTIMA delivered a first-class IED Detect training course, the feedback from students has been particularly praiseworthy. They have been flexible and professional throughout, and responded quickly to a request to provide additional courses.  The training has played a key role in preparing the force; helping to deliver a life saving capability to the soldiers deployed on Op HERRICK 18.”


For more information on OPTIMA Group go to www.optimagroup.co.uk

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