Optex to monitor Aston Martin supercars

Aston Martin garage
Aston Martin garage

Aston Martin garage

An Aston Martin garage in need of a comprehensive detection solution at the rear of its site to protect the expensive cars from damage or theft has opted for the award-winning OPTEX REDSCAN laser detector to create a ‘virtual fence’.

Following the redevelopment of the dealership and operational changes in the Pendragon Group, managers at the Stratstone branch became concerned that the increase in the number of vehicles being stored on its premises would make it a target for thieves and vandals.

Installer CBES maintains the CCTV systems for all of the 300 garages in the Pendragon Group and is an active user of OPTEX technology. Tony Britner, Business Development Manager at CBES, has already installed a number of OPTEX REDWALL® detectors along the front elevation covering a display area.

Tony says that rather than opting for point-to-point detectors, he felt that the OPTEX REDSCAN was more appropriate: “The REDSCAN is mounted at a height of approximately four metres and will detect anybody climbing over the fence or otherwise tampering with the perimeter,” he says. “It creates, in effect, a ‘virtual fence’ to complement the physical one.”

If an intruder is detected, the REDSCAN triggers a dome camera that zooms in on the ‘target’, so that operators at a central station have a clear picture of the event as it unfolds. The technology behind the OPTEX REDSCAN is such that Tony says there are very few false alarms: “This is especially important given that the site is monitored remotely,” he says.

He was also pleased with the great value: “The cost of the detector was surprising, given the impressive levels of performance it delivers,” he adds.

Nigel Hackett, Sales Director for OPTEX Europe, says that the REDWALL® detector family has been designed to integrate seamlessly with CCTV system and enhance its performance by triggering accurate and genuine events: “Our laser technology brings an additional element to outdoor detection by creating highly customisable zones,” he says. “Either vertically through a virtual wall or horizontally, thus enabling the solution to be tailored to each specific site. Its performance makes it a popular choice to protect high value goods and sites.”

REDSCAN is a unique and innovative laser scan detector designed by OPTEX. REDSCAN will detect a moving object’s position, size and speed and can be programmed to only go into alarm when intruders enter specific areas, resulting in the highly reliable detection of intruders with minimal false alarms.


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