OPTEX launches two new detectors to complete RX Core family

Optex_RX_capaignOPTEX has launched two new advanced technology indoor sensors to complete an evolutionary tree and complement the entry level Saver Grade 2 PIR detector range aimed at installers with smaller budgets.

The RXC-ST and DT are the next generation sensors of the well-established RX-40 family. The RXC-ST will offer installers the combined technology from three iconic OPTEX devices, the RX-40QZ, RX40PT and the CX502. The Grade 2 PIR provides installers with unrivaled performance from a proven pedigree and a broad application base in a single device.

For the more challenging environments and for confirmed alarm applications OPTEX is also releasing the RXC-DT combined PIR and Microwave (MW) detector. The RXC-DT adds advanced Microwave technology to the PIR device to complete a family of three detection devices suitable for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

One of the principal benefits of having a complete range is that the Saver, RX-C ST and RXC-DT models utilise similar housings allowing PCBs to be interchanged and providing a compact uniform appearance, saving installers time and money should a replacement device ever be needed.

Takuya Okamoto, managing director for OPTEX Europe, explained: “We now have the complete low cost, high performance range to suit every location,” he says. “What’s more they all feature the high capture rates of all OPTEX products with low false alarms.”

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