OPTEX Europe’s New Intercom System Keeps Property Owners/Users in the Picture

OPTEX Europe has launched a new Wireless Video Intercom System that scales from an easy to install intercom system to a more complex solution enabling remote door release, giving installers a more reliable and flexible access solution to address their customers’ requirements.

The iVision+ wireless system comprises a convenient wireless handheld unit with LCD monitor and a wireless doorbell/camera unit with over 100 meters (330ft.) transmission range, line of sight.The handheld units can be housed within a wall mountable charging cradle that can be installed at any convenient point around the property.

A particular innovation, says Ricky Miwa, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe, is the system’s ability to see who’s at the door when you’re at home or in the office, and to record images of who called when you’re out: “The new technology contains a micro-USB port PC connection which gives property users the ability to download and view images taken automatically from the inbuilt 2.4inch LCD monitor,” he says.

“It is known for intruders to call at a property to see if someone is in before they attempt entry,” he continues. “With iVision+, the property owner knows exactly who’s calling, whether they’re in or out, and can take the appropriate action.”

The new system is especially reassuring for people with reduced mobility: “Genuine guests or visitors, such as care workers, can be granted access, and unwelcome callers left out in the rain with their picture taken!” Ricky says.

By using an additional gateway unit, an installer can also connect the intercom system to the electronic door, such that the iVISION+ handheld unit can be then used as door release: “This brings a whole new level of convenience and comfort to the users,” he adds.

iVISION+ can be extended to a system accommodating two door units and four handsets. The door units operate within a temperature range of -20 to +40 degrees centigrade and have a 12-month battery life expectancy. Although wireless, they can be hard wired if required.

A particular benefit is the system’s ease of installation: “The iVision+ wireless system can be installed ‘out of the box’ but also offers more versatility when enabling the door release functionality,” Ricky continues.

“This product presents a significant opportunity not only for those installers familiar with such technology, but also for professional electricians and gate automation engineers to ‘upsell’ their customers with a product that adds genuine value.”

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