Optex Europe protects a luxury residence from unwanted intrusion

Optex protects luxury residence
Optex protects luxury residence

Optex protects luxury residence

The home-owner sought to protect their residence and extensive grounds from intrusion using early-warning detection technology. The system had to provide 100% ground coverage but be immune to false activations by the home-owner’s domestic pets. It had also to integrate with an IP video surveillance system.

Optex newest laser scan technology could match all the requirements… REDSCAN is an innovative laser scan detector that will detect a moving object’s position, size and speed, and can be programmed to only sound an alarm when intruders enter specific areas, resulting in highly reliable detection with minimal false alarms. At this site, it was possible to set up a precise detection area easily, which would be affected by neither the quality of fence nor the light.

Other solutions were deemed unsuitable for the task: it was difficult to set the detection areas of a PIR or a microwave detector precisely enough; Video Analysis could be affected by environmental conditions, such as light and shadows; and a buried cable sensor would have required costly site intervention and disruption to install.

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