OPTEX Europe Completes Smart Line Range of Active Beams


optex smart lineOPTEX Europe has launched the latest in the Smart Line range of active beams, following the success of its wireless models introduced a year ago. Nine hardwired models, all utilising Quad beam technology have now been added and operate in the 10-60m and 60-200m application.

The SL-QN/QDP/and QDM models complete a range of Hardwired and Wireless smart active infrared sensors all sharing the same aesthetically pleasing Quad beam housing.

Installers will have the choice between three core models: the ‘basic’ SL-QN series that is ideal for straightforward applications; the ‘standard’ SL-QDP series featuring 4 Channel frequency selection, dual modulation; and the high spec SL-QDM models with 4 Channel frequency selection, dual modulation and I.A.S.C. advanced automatic power control for more complex installations. All models are available with 60m, 100m, and 200m detection range.

By developing this new Smart Line range OPTEX wanted to offer not only the best active infrared technology, but also to solve what it considers the most critical issue in implementing active infrared technology; the alignment between the beams. If the infrared transmitter and receiver are not communicating correctly with each other, false alarms can be triggered or genuine alarms can be missed.

 A number of clever tools and features have been specifically developed to make the alignment as easy and as successful as possible: the colour of the beam has been made a vivid yellow and a sniper view finder “lens” has been added so the pairing beam can be seen at longer distances; sound signals and LED features will indicate how good the level of signal is between transmitter and receiver; the visual LED signal gauge feature is available on the receiver side for QDP models and on both the transmitter and receiver side for the QDM models; and additionally an automatic alignment tool can be purchased to provide the best alignment.

The high-end model SL-QDM also offers a two-way I.A.S.C communication between receiver and transmitter to always optimise the signal power and compensate environmental changes such as fog or moisture that can deteriorate the signal.

Ricky Miwa, General Manager of OPTEX Europe, says OPTEX recognised that features including quad beam and dual modulation give additional flexibility for the installers, but will not prevent installations going wrong if the beams have not been aligned properly: “That’s why we have put so much effort in developing tools in the new Smart Line series; to help the installers align the sensors properly and quickly.”

The new SL-QN/QDP and QDM will be available to order by end of April 2014. For more information, click here: www.optex-europe.com/products/optex.

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