Optex BoundaryGard turns a tip into a fortress



A local authority in Ireland seeking a cost effective perimeter security system to monitor pedestrian and vehicular entry into a hazardous landfill site has opted for a solution comprising the award-winning BoundaryGard™ wireless active beam detectors from OPTEX.

The challenge was not only in the size of the site, but also its location, where debris, wildlife and extreme weather conditions are prevalent and could cause falsealarms. The solution needed to be both robust and reliable, protecting the public from risk and preventing the theft of potentially valuable plant andmaterial.

There was also a challenge in relation to how quickly the solution needed to be installed since the site was being built and nearing completion: it needed to be fully operational as quickly as possible with minimal site disruption. Further challenges lay both in the varying topography of the site and the potentially hazardous materials present.

Managers at Southern Ireland local authority turned to Byrne Overall Security Solutions (B.O.S.S) to design and install an appropriate system, and B.O.S.S in turn worked with its product partner, Dublin-based Reliable Security Products, for product advice and project support.

Dermot Bresilin at Reliable specified the OPTEX BoundaryGard iSeries battery-powered wireless active beam technology: “The cost and practicalities of using a hard-wired system was simply not an option, and so we chose the new iSeries wireless system as a highly reliable but far less expensive solution.

“As groundworks were not required, installation was completed by B.O.S.S. within weeks rather than months, disruption on site was kept to a minimum, project costs were controlled and deadlines met well ahead of schedule. The customer is extremely satisfied with the performance of the system to date, as are we.”

Paul Nicholas, OPTEX Divisional Manager says the BoundaryGard battery-powered active beams deliver the stability and catch performance required by the specification including tolerance of the extreme environmental conditions: “With no expensive cables torun, and no civil works or digging of trenches, the OPTEX BoundaryGard iSeries proved to be the ideal choice,” he says.

“It means that even the most remote locations, where only essential services power is available, can now benefit from the reliability inherent within all of OPTEX’s detection technologies.”


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