Optelian launches FLEXManager networking management solution


Optelian have unveiled FLEXManager, a new approach to service creation and management that leverages Service Driven Networking.

FLEXManager is at the core of Optelian’s Intuitive Packet Optical Networking solutions. It reduces the time to create and deploy packet optical services and accelerates time-to-revenue.

Service provider operations personnel typically require an in-depth understanding of complex technology —and product-specific procedures and knowledge — to create and manage end-to-end Ethernet services and network infrastructure. Optelian ’s Service Driven Networking approach eliminates this complexity by using common, standardized service definition attributes and software intelligence to translate requirements, implement end-to-end services, and manage those services throughout their lifecycle.

“FLEXManager provides operators with simpler management of their packet optical service delivery network. Our Service Driven Networking approach puts services first as opposed to the technology that enables them, ” said David Weymouth, Optelian ’s CEO. “It is very different from what other players are doing. Service providers really like the way our solution ties service creation directly to the service sold to a customer. The benefits of this simplicity are the ease and speed at which services are created without requiring extensive technology and product knowledge. ”

For Ethernet services, FLEXManager uses MEF-standardized attributes within a service creation wizard to identify how the network must deliver the service. With this knowledge, FLEXManager takes care of recommending service paths, configuring service endpoints, intermediary points, and all attributes of the end-to-end MPLS-TP connection. This eliminates error-prone and labor-intensive technology-based provisioning, and expedites service creation by providing pre-defined service templates.

The service-centric approach of FLEXManager also provides a service-to-network-to-customer correlation that aids significantly with communications, troubleshooting, and service adjustments. Alarms, events, and key performance indicators can all be easily traced to a service or a customer ’s set of services. It also allows drilling down into the network to get more details on the physical service delivery infrastructure, as required by the network operator.

Optelian ’s Intuitive Packet Optical Networking portfolio, managed by FLEXManager, is enabled by the Optelian FLEX Architecture which includes:

Layer 2+ – Connection-Oriented Ethernet based on MPLS-TP through the PacketFLEX PKX-1640 Packet Networking Card offering 200 Gb/s of switching capacity with OTN

Layer 1 – Wavelength service delivery through the CircuitFLEX family of WDM transponders and ADM-based muxponders with OTN. This includes the MPX-9110 Flexible 100G Platform which supports 10G/40G aggregation in a 1RU platform, as well as the FLX-1610 Multi-protocol Networking Card, a highly integrated MSPP and ADM

Layer 0 – Platforms supporting a modular set of optical infrastructure elements, including the LightFLEX family of ROADMs, amplifiers, balancing/conditioning for long-haul, passive elements, and node intelligence.

To learn more about Intuitive Packet Optical Networking, visit us at www.optelian.com/intuitivepacketoptical or at Comptel Plus, booth 406, in Orlando, Florida from September 23 to 26.

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