OPS to introduce BRS Labs’ AISight system to Australia and New Zealand

Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs), creator of AISight®, the first artificial intelligence system for enhanced video surveillance that delivers real-time alerts for suspicious behavior, today announced an alliance with Open Platform Systems (OPS). OPS will market AISight real-time threat recognition and response systems exclusively within Australia and New Zealand, with the potential for future expansion to additional markets.

BRS Labs is the innovator and leader in behavioral recognition technology that teaches itself to recognize suspicious behavior in real-time without human intervention or complex programming. OPS is Australia’s fastest growing security distributor. The company markets comprehensive physical security solutions from a select group of exclusive vendors, each noted for exceptional product quality, breadth and depth of customer service, and commitment to open systems interoperability.

“BRS Labs gives our customers dramatic improvements in real-time situational awareness that no other video surveillance technology can match,” said Kobi Ben-Shabat, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at OPS. “Their AISight system is already certified to work with our current best-of-breed vendors, which greatly accelerates how quickly customers can benefit from this alliance. They also share our unwavering focus on quality and performance. We are very excited to be working together.”

“We have always set a high bar for customer satisfaction,” continued Ray Davis, Chief Executive Officer of BRS Labs. “OPS is an ideal partner for us, since we both insist on strict standards for excellence and can deliver the level of sales, service and training that make for a truly exceptional customer experience. Together, we have the opportunity to redefine what the market demands for intelligent video surveillance. We look forward to supporting each other’s ongoing growth in Australia and New Zealand.”

The agreement was signed on February 28 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney by Mr. Davis and Mr. Ben-Shabat, in front of company officials and invited media. Opportunity assistance was provided by the U.S. Commercial Service arm of the United States Commerce Department.


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