Oprema detect a strong future with REDWALL distribution deal

Oprema security supplies now list the whole range of OPTEX® REDWALL® detectors as part of their offering of mid to high end security products to the installer trade. The distribution agreement incorporates both the traditional REDWALL outdoor detectors portfolio and the brand new IP range, including the SIP PIR detectors, the laser scanner REDSCAN and the active beams REDBEAM   giving Oprema’s customers a wide choice of high end solutions from the brand.

OPTEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reliable and high-performance infrared intrusion detectors. By providing effective outdoor detection and being designed to work in conjunction with video surveillance systems, its REDWALL products enable CCTV operators to obtain the crucial images of crime, vandalism, terrorism or other threats and to take the appropriate actions. Their detectors are one of the first to offer IP connectivity which falls in-line with Oprema’s rapidly growing integrated solutions product portfolio.

Oprema’s Managing Director Matthew Epps commented, “REDWALL by OPTEX is THE name in PIR detection so we are delighted to be able to add these products to our shelves. Having them integrated with the software platforms we offer really gives our customers the edge in system design. It’s nice to be able to offer both HD CCTV and detection together as a true IP solution. Oprema help the installer to win projects by being able to offer high end solutions and technical support at extremely competitive prices.”

“By launching its new REDWALL IP detectors range and developing strategic technical partnerships with key video management software providers, OPTEX enables perimeter detection to be seamlessly integrated with IP CCTV systems. OPREMA has a very good understanding of the networked CCTV market and embraces the value of integrated solutions so we are delighted to have them as a new distributor,” commented Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director of OPTEX (Europe), Ltd.

The sales and technical teams in Oprema are fully trained on the OPTEX REDWALLl products features and capabilities. The full range is available now by calling Oprema and will be on the website shortly where datasheets and specification details are downloadable.



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