Meyertech tells delegates ONVIF is ‘The Future Simplified’

image001Meyertech has delivered a key presentation on “The Importance of ONVIF and Open Platform Technology in the Security Sector” to a focused audience of delegates attending the IP-in-Action Live event in Glasgow, Scotland.

Speaking about ONVIF, Andrew Denton, Sales Manager at Meyertech declared. “We are extremely excited at the current growth of ONVIF compliant products available which currently stands at over 2000. And we are especially pleased to be able to offer complete ONVIF solutions based on our highly successful Fusion- Core-Solar Video Management Software (VMS) and ZoneVu appliances.”

“Of course there is still a lot of work to do educating end users and consultants on the advantages of an ONVIF based solution but as it starts to gather momentum here in the UK we can already begin to see the future developing. A global interface standard brings benefits to everyone, End Users, Systems Integrators, Consultants and Manufacturers alike through increased flexibility, simplified system design and reduced integration risk, leading to a future proofed investment and reduced total cost of ownership for the End User.”

image008Why Choose ONVIF?

The ONVIF standard provides:

  • Interoperability between IP-based physical security products regardless of manufacturer.
  • Standardisation of communication between IP-based physical security.
  • Openness for all companies and organisations worldwide.

With over 400 member manufacturers worldwide, producing over 2000 conformant products ONVIF provides increased flexibility and greater freedom of choice through interoperable products as the leading global standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products. Meyertech is leading the way for British manufacturers in the quest for a global security standard.

image010The leading choice of security professionals, Fusion-Core VMS seamlessly integrates digital-IP video surveillance systems and analogue hybrid CCTV systems into a single unified system.



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