OnSSI collaborates with HTS to drive new opportunities

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HTS Deployment in Major U.S. City

OnSSI have announced their Ocularis video management platform is now compatible with HTS license plate recognition (LPR) and vehicle identification recognition systems (VRS), including automatic vehicle make and model identification.

Expanding on the functionality of its market leading open-architecture and intelligent IP video surveillance software, the integration of OnSSI’s video management software with HTS ’ intelligent analytics provides security professionals with a unified solution for improving situational awareness across a wide range of applications including security, transportation and public safety.

When Ocularis is integrated with the HTS systems, users can utilise Ocularis investigative tools to monitor and interrogate data recorded by the LPR and VRS solutions. Event management enables operators to call up live images from associated video surveillance cameras, with the ability to program automated rules-based alerts such as video push or email alerts to subscribers of interest.

OnSSI Ocularis

OnSSI Ocularis

“The integration of intelligent analytics and technologies plays a key role in OnSSI ’s open architecture initiatives in the security and surveillance market, ” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “Our technology partnership with HTS accelerates these efforts by providing an optimised system that meets demanding needs and delivers comprehensive intelligence across applications. ”

“The unique capabilities of our VRS solutions generate valuable real time information that can add a critical dimension to security systems, enabling more informed decisions, ” said John Whiteman, CEO, HTS Americas. “We are pleased to partner with OnSSI to offer customers a unified and rapid solution for improved situational awareness. ”

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