Oncam’s ‘Heist On Cam’ Campaign gains International Recognition

Oncam’s ‘Heist On Cam’ Campaign gains International Recognition

Oncam’s ‘Heist On Cam’ Campaign gains International Recognition

Oncam, the leading provider of 360-degree camera technology, has received global accolades for “Heist On Cam,” its interactive, Web-based advertising campaign, launched in 2015. The campaign has garnered international attention from security trade media in the United States, and has secured prestigious advertising awards from programs across Europe.

Using a simulation of the Oncam’s innovative 360-degree camera technology, the interactive video campaign follows the story of a detective named McGill, and puts the viewer in charge of solving the mystery of a heist. Viewers watch the videos in real time to detect clues throughout the course of the campaign and then solve the mystery.

As the first of its kind in the field of security, Heist On Cam set a new standard for digital advertising, marketing strategies and interactive learning collateral within the surveillance marketplace. Since the global release of Heist On Cam in May 2015, the campaign has been nominated for the Eurobest awards, and has won the Kristal Elma award in Turkey as well as the Epica Awards in Germany.

Heist On Cam was awarded Silver in the category of best Website and Microsite Show/Product at the Kristal Elma awards in October 2015. Kristal Elma is a highly regarded award program in Turkey, attracting marketing, journalism and advertising experts from across Europe.

Oncam went on to claim its presence amongst globally recognized brands and top advertising competitors at the Epica Awards in Berlin, where the company took home a Silver award in the Branded Games category. Founded in 1987 as Europe’s first advertising competition, the Epica Awards program is the only creative prize awarded by journalists working for marketing and communications magazines around the world, offering an independent jury and global press coverage. The program names the top 10 finalists in each category and then name Gold, Silver and Bronze to the top three candidates.

Richard Morgans, Chief Marketing Officer, Oncam said:

“Heist On Cam is one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on to market our solutions, and as a start-up technology firm, we raised the bar for our competitors in the surveillance arena in competing with major brands for global advertising recognition. We’re thrilled with the social media statistics and brand recognition that Heist On Cam has attracted for our company, and we hope to continue to pursue this creative thread in more interactive videos about Oncam, as well as our values, target markets and technological innovations.”

Click here to play Heist On Cam

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