Oncam Grandeye expands, bringing its 360-degree technology to India

Working with Orphans in Need on “Orphans Village” in Delhi to Insure Children’s Safety in India

Orphans in Need_Two Children (2)On the continent of Asia, more than 65 million orphans struggle each day to simply survive. In New Delhi, India 20 percent of its 22 million inhabitants live in slums, with little hope for a bright future—or any future.

Orphans in Need is a U.K.-based NGO, which is currently building a network of orphanages in India strongly focused on quality of care and the development of each individual. Together with Oncam Grandeye, the global innovator in technology, security solutions and 360-degree surveillance cameras, they are working to effect change in the area and to help protect the children as they study and grow.

State-of-the-art security is critical. Thanks to Oncam Grandeye, Orphans Village Delhi’s new, purpose-built orphanage—comprised of 24 buildings, and an integral school—will be protected by Oncam Grandeye’s leading 360-degree technology that will “see” the entire space in real time and provide peace of mind to the children and their teachers.

Orphans in Need decided upon the 360-degree experience from Oncam Grandeye because it has so many advantages. The charity will save money by reducing camera counts for any location.  The technology allows for retrospection, which means that managers can go back to any event and go inside an image to find a person or an incident because the camera gives them 24/7/365 situational awareness, and the de-warping software makes an image taken with a fisheye lens smooth and readily discernible.

Orphans Village Delhi’s goal is to give a family-oriented environment to the hundreds of orphans who have lost their parents; the orphanage, just 35 kilometers from Delhi, will provide clothing, a minimum of three meals a day, and medical treatment and counseling. In line with local culture and education standards, the children will be taught basic skills such as cooking, arts, crafts, raising crops and keeping livestock.

“We believe that Delhi’s children should have the best start in life so they can become model citizens with access to the same resources and life opportunities as their peers,” said Anis Musa, Trustee at Orphans in Need.

To respond to the demand for Oncam Grandeye’s patented technology, the company is opening a new regional hub in India and will have its own personnel on the ground, overseeing and managing the installation. Anil Dhawan, who will be based in Gurgaon just outside of New Delhi, says “By using the security technologies Oncam Grandeye has developed, we will genuinely help the orphanage to be safe, and that will help the children concentrate on their educations—their very lives— without fear.”

“By ensuring that the orphanages are established at places with easy access to colleges and universities, we hope that many will go on to train to become doctors, lawyers, teachers or civil servants,” said Musa.

For more information on the project, visit http://www.orphansinneed.org.uk/projects/orphan-village/#sthash.Fje9cs5K.dpuf . For more information on the technologies of Oncam Grandeye, visit www.oncamgrandeye.com .

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