Oncam’s surveillance solution protects The Landmark, London

The Landmark Night View


The Landmark Night View

The Landmark Night View

Surveillance system delivers panoramic persistent situational awareness of activity in critical areas to concierge centre

Oncam Global has designed a customised security solution for The Landmark, one of London’s newest luxury residential addresses.

Boasting floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of the London skyline, this property, developed by Chalegrove Properties Ltd., consists of four towers joined by a landscaped central public piazza, with convenient retailers and cafes, creating an upscale and vibrant community.

Critical to designing the security system for The Landmark was “first, understanding our key concerns and goals, as identified by security staff,” said Chalegrove General Manager Karim Azem. Those key concerns, he said, “are to protect residents, personnel and guests by stopping unauthorized visitors from gaining entry to residential areas in the luxury towers and to prevent vehicles in the car park and retail shops from vandalism and theft.”

Oncam Global Ltd. General Manager Kate Dela Cruz said: “All Oncam Global solutions follow the company’s approach to total security: determining a client’s particular ‘threat profile’ and then customising technologies appropriate to that profile, covering the elements of SATIV: surveillance, acquisition (of a threat), tracking, interrogating and verification – all culminating in a measured, appropriate response.

“At The Landmark,” continued Dela Cruz, “this meant a network of Oncam 360° IP cameras and third-party fixed and PTZ cameras that provide nonstop surveillance and, when unusual behavior is detected, such as loitering near restricted-access areas, alerts from doors being held open too long, or card access denied, trained staff can appropriately respond to potential threats. An area or person of interest can be immediately ‘acquired’ by the imaging system and automatically tracked.”

Explained Paul Stout, managing director, InCam Digital Surveillance Ltd,., the onsite installation company for the project, “For example, while cameras continue live surveillance, retrospective video from all cameras can be viewed to track suspicious events; so, even thieves working in pairs or groups in different areas of the property are captured by Oncam Global’s networked cameras, regardless of the concierge staff’s focus at that time.”

Stout continued: “Whether onsite or remote, viewing options include one single 360° fisheye view, 180° dewarped panoramic views, or up to four simultaneous VCam views. And, since each camera contains its own ‘brain,’ tampering with one camera does not take down the entire system. In addition, images of all predefined events triggered by motion detection are recorded for retrospective viewing, allowing for both real-time and retrospective interrogation and verification of a threat.

“Each Oncam 360° IP camera and third-party fixed and PTZ camera is situated to provide maximum coverage outside the buildings and in the central piazza, and within the luxury towers, with camera locations in the lobby areas, entrances, residents’ gymnasium, underground parking area and the bicycle storage rooms,” added Stout, noting that with a single, fixed, wide-angle lens, an Oncam 360° IP camera is able to effortlessly and covertly cover a wide area with no blind spots.

“Powerful onboard analytics ensure that the area is continuously monitored with multiple viewing options within just one monitor, enabling persistent situational awareness, analysis and action, without interfering with the aesthetics of the concierge areas,” he said, adding that the security system is installed on a high-spec fibre optic and CAT6 cabling system, making it highly scalable for the future.

Chalegrove’s Azem noted that The Landmark’s two concierge centres are manned 24 hours a day with staff trained by Oncam Global to manage all manner of situations that may arise, from typical security or liability events, such as theft or destruction of property, to more serious breaches, such as behaviour that is harmful to residents.

Because one Oncam IP 360° camera can replace multiple fixed cameras, Oncam Global’s installation not only provides enhanced security coverage, but also “is extremely cost-effective,” Azem said. “We needed to purchase fewer cameras and, because Oncam’s have no moving parts, we also eliminated ongoing maintenance costs.”

A side benefit, noted Azem, is that fewer cameras and associated cabling “don’t compromise the property’s design aesthetic, which is important when it comes to such a residence as this. Oncam Global has met the high expectations that we have set for The Landmark,” he said.

About Oncam Global Ltd and Oncam Global Group
Oncam Global Ltd. is the U.K./European market subsidiary of Oncam Global Group, the architect of fully scalable solutions, based on its three-pronged approach to each situation: Knowing your adversary, understanding the threat profile, and building a solution that deploys best-in-breed technologies, beginning with U.K.-based Grandeye Ltd.’s, award-winning, patented 360° imaging technology. Oncam Global Group is joint owner of Grandeye, which is the Group’s engineering arm dedicated to technology innovation for security markets. The company also teams with systems integrators to customise security solutions. The Group also has subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Turkey. For more information, please visit www.oncamglobal.com/home.html

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