Oltec FM go green for customers by taking environmental training

Oltec FM go green for customers by taking environmental training

Oltec FM go green for customers by taking environmental training

More than a thousand security personnel at facilities management business Oltec FM have undertaken Environmental Best Practice Training.

The training is carried out at Oltec’s purpose built residential training academy at its Wigan headquarters. The course covers topics including energy efficiencies, waste segregation and water efficiencies.

The security guards have undertaken training and have become the nominated environmental officers within their security teams. They are putting into practice their skills at Oltec FM customer sites across the UK including shopping centre Trinity Walk and House of Fraser stores.

Nominated security officers are responsible for energy patrols, health and safety patrols and the environmental training of all members of the security teams at their site. Areas for improvement are identified and recommendations made.

Olivier Cavaliere, CEO of Oltec FM, said:

“Security guards play a vital role in introducing environmental initiatives to our customers and helping to make sure they’re operating in the most efficient way. As well as the positive impact on the environment, it can save our customers vast amounts of money every year.

“By making small changes to lighting, heat and water management we can make a huge difference to energy bills. Often things are done in the same way, simply out of habit.”

Energy saving panels are formed at each customer’s site comprising of management at the customer site, store personnel and a trained officer from Oltec FM. Each panel is tasked with encouraging all staff at a site to change practices in order to be more energy efficient.

About Oltec FM
Oltec FM, founded in 1974, is a national provider of integrated building and facilities management services across the UK. Customers include major partners in both the public and private sector, such as large retail and leisure destinations, high profile commercial buildings and sensitive industrial and manufacturing sites. A Security Industry Authority approved contractor, it is one of the most qualified security providers in the UK with a specialist training academy for security operatives.

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