Officials spot unusual concealment of attempted cigarette smuggling

Cigarette_Smuggling_Waistcoat_960x640Border Force officers seized a huge quantity of cigarettes at Leeds Bradford Airport that were attempted to be trafficked in specially-adapted waistcoats.

A total of nearly 30,000 cigarettes were discovered after officers become suspicious of two male passengers wearing bulky and ill-fitting jackets.

The two passengers were arriving at Leeds Bradford Airport on a flight from Vilnius, Lithuania, and were searched along with a third man. All three men were Lithuanian.

Some 3,800 cigarettes were discovered concealed in adapted pouches on two waistcoats worn by the men.  In addition, 23,700 cigarettes were found being carried in the trio’s hand luggage.

s300_Cigarette_Smuggling_Waistcoat_2_960x640Sam Bullimore, assistant director for Border Force North, said: “This was an unusual concealment, and on the face of it quite convincing, but our expert officers are trained to expect the unexpected.

“Criminal gangs often use the proceeds of tobacco smuggling to fund other forms of serious organised crime. By stopping these shipments we are starving them of the proceeds of their criminality.”

Earlier in May, a total of nine birds native to South Asia were discovered by border officials at Leeds Bradford Airport in two separate attempts to smuggle the animals into the UK inside suitcases.

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