NVT’s webinars proves ‘a great success’

NVT Support
NVT Support

NVT Support

As part of its on-going customer support, Network Video Technology (NVT), has embarked on a series of webinars highlighting the benefits of deploying Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) transmission technology.

Deemed ‘a great success’ by those taking part, to date, each NVT webinar session has presented to an online audience, a comprehensive overview of the company’s EoC technology; revealing how it can provide cost and performance advantages within most surveillance applications.

“At the forefront of NVT’s comprehensive customer support package, the EoC themed webinars are just the beginning, with further webinars planned to be rolled out as new NVT transmission technology is introduced,” says Steve Proctor, NVT’s Sales Director.

“Providing an effective education platform for understanding new technologies, NVT encourages new and existing customers to capitalise on the commercial benefits to be gained by signing-up for the technology solutions webinars.”

Comprising many elements, comprehensive support is available to all NVT customers and includes access to its Technical Support team, who offer assistance pre and post-sale, either remotely, or in the field.

Backed by a wide array of sales materials, NVT’s sales and technical teams are equipped with a full range of product samples for use by customers for demonstrations and sales presentations. Based in Teddington, London, again, for use by customers, NVT’s EMEA head office is equipped with a training room and comprehensive laboratory facilities. The facilities and the NVT Technical Support team are available to evaluate and test full systems on an ‘end-to-end’ basis, run diagnostics and ensure optimum performance from the moment each NVT product is installed on-site.

And for peace of mind, alongside a same/next day shipping policy, NVT operates a Lifetime Warranty and advance replacement programme for the life of any NVT product – ensuring minimal downtime should a replacement be needed.

Commenting on the success of the webinar program and the future of NVT’s customer support package, Steve Proctor commented, “Customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront of our business activity and we are delighted at the reception the EoC technology webinars have received. We look forward to rolling out further technological solutions themed webinar programmes, whilst supporting NVT based transmission installations through the continued commitment of our Technical Support team.”



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