NVT’s unique lifetime warranty surprise

nvtnvtnvtNetwork Video Technologies’ unique Limited Lifetime Warranty and Advance Replacement policy came to the aid of a surprised installer recently, assisting with the replacement of a NVT 16-Channel Active Receiver Distribution Amplifier Hub free-of-charge, after 9 years of uninterrupted service.

The mission

A large UK food production and packaging site was experiencing intermittent faults within a part of its 75 strong CCTV camera network. With no active maintenance contract cover in place at the time, the site’s security manager contacted Security Solutions Wales to assist with rectifying the problem.

Rob Paull, from Security Solutions Wales takes up the story: “On attending site, we diagnosed an intermittent fault with one of the NVT NV-1662 16-channel UTP video transmission hubs that had been installed in 2005 by the original installer of the CCTV system. Unaware of NVT’s lifetime warranty at the time, we contacted NVT directly to enquire if the unit could be repaired and if so, how much the cost would be. NVT suggested that we send the unit back to them at their London office for further diagnosis of the problem.”

NVT’s solution

“Almost immediately on receipt of the unit, NVT’s technical department contacted us to say that the hub would not be repaired, but instead, would be replaced free of charge under their lifetime warranty policy. And not only that, but would we like it to be shipped directly to the end-user’s site. This was a fantastic result for both our customer and us. Not only were we receiving a replacement unit FOC, but the quick turnaround time from NVT meant that the end-user experienced minimal downtime to the affected section of their CCTV surveillance coverage.”

The fast turnaround of the replacement NVT unit was very much appreciated by the installer and end-user, particularly as their CCTV images are used for site-wide security, site management, health & safety matters, and process control in certain areas of the production process.

The result

“Our customer was overjoyed at the level of service we were able to provide,” continues Rob. “The fast response of the NVT technical team enabled us to solve the issue very quickly. Quite simply, the NVT lifetime warranty does exactly what it says on the tin, covering the product for lifetime operation. In the rare occurrence that a unit may fail, it is replaced quickly and at no component cost to the customer, no matter how long the unit has been in use, or who installed it. Manufacturer support doesn’t get much better than that!”

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