NVT’s transmission solution at the core of new state-of-the-art station car park

NVT at the heart of new car park security

Responsible for operating 18 of the largest railway stations in the UK, Network Rail took over the rail network in 2002, inheriting ‘…a tired, worn-out infrastructure that had been starved of investment for many years.’

With a vision of the future to dramatically grow railway use over the coming years, the company plans to meet the demands and aspirations of rail users through investment in rail infrastructure.

NVT at the heart of new car park security

NVT at the heart of new car park security

Illustrative of the key areas of new investment, Rugby railway station’s new state-of-the-art car park employs a comprehensive CCTV system – and at its core, a Network Video Technologies (NVT), unshielded twisted pair (UTP) video transmission solution.

NVT’s comprehensive range of UTP Hybrid Video Transmission products were an obvious choice to provide quality CCTV image transmission at the site; as NVT are Network Rail type approved, affording their certified inclusion into the critical infrastructure of any Network Rail site. Accreditation guarantees that NVT products meet the rigorous standards of railway infrastructure application, and that NVT provides a high level of after sales and technical support.

Park Mark accreditation
Constructed in collaboration with Virgin Trains, who operate train services from Rugby, the new multi-storey car park is sited adjacent to the busy railway station. Designed to provide commuters with a viable alternative to road travel by providing a seamless ‘park and ride’ experience, the new multi-storey car park provides an additional 269 parking spaces, where previously, the limited parking facilities at Rugby station had caused problems for rail travellers. Following accreditation under the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Park Mark scheme, the new multi-storey construction will ensure all Rugby station users can park their vehicles safely and easily.

Providing complete peace of mind for users of the new car park and assuring accreditation to the Park Mark scheme, the structure has been equipped with over 60 CCTV cameras, by installation specialist Thompson AVC. Gary Wallace, Project Manager for Thompson AVC explains: “Having installed Bosch LTC 0495 cameras throughout the car park, we were keen to retain their image quality, to provide the on-site DVR with optimised video for archiving and encoding – for further transmission to off-site monitoring facilities.

Quality provides the key
“Employing NVT UTP video transmission meant we were able to assure Network Rail of excellent video signal quality, whilst the ease of installation and inherent flexibility of Cat5 cabling allowed us to precisely locate each camera for maximum scene coverage.”

A comprehensive camera system covers all aspects of the car park, including parking floors, stairwells, pay machines, entrances, exits, and vehicle barriers. Additional cameras at vehicle barriers are also used to provide ANPR functionality for the tariff payment system.

“It is critical that the signals provided to the DVR, encoder and ANPR program are consistent and free from interference,” adds Gary. “Using NVT UTP video transmission technology has ensured this, thanks to its inherent interference rejection capability. Clear signals are delivered, even in the high electrical interference environment of a busy car park adjacent to a mainline railway.”

Simple and quick to install, the selection of NVT technology enabled an error-free installation by Thompson AVC’s experienced engineers. This was a particular advantage whilst working around tight timescales and other contractors at the site, particularly as Network Rail insists on the highest levels of health & safety, whilst ensuring the rail network remains operational at all times.

An integral solution
More passengers are travelling by train than ever before and predicted demand for rail travel is set to continue to rise. It is thought a large proportion of these extra passengers will drive to the station, placing ever-increasing emphasis and demand on station car park facilities.

At Rugby station, the comprehensive car park CCTV installation promotes customers’ sense of safety and that their property is being protected, whilst NVT Hybrid Video UTP video transmission ensures the best quality CCTV image is supplied 24 hours a day.

Commenting on the installation, Nigel Hollingworth, Scheme Project Manager for Network Rail says: “We take customer safety very seriously. Ensuring passengers feel that they and their vehicles are protected when using the car park facilities, could be the key to attracting more users to the station in the future. Quality installations such as this one are integral to the successful development of the rail service and the continued expansion of rail passenger numbers.”

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