NVT’s New TBus® IP Transmission Range Now Available

IP transmission

IP transmissionNetwork Video Technologies (NVT), have released their new range of high-performance TBus® UTP/Ethernet over Coax transmission products.

Offering installers and designers a flexible, simple and cost-effective ‘any distance’ transmission solution, versus traditional IP products, the new range of IP transmission devices utilises NVT’s unique Transmission Bus (TBus) technology.

Providing the backbone communications architecture for the new range, TBus products can be used with any cable media. TBus supports coax, UTP, 18/2, 2-wire (un-twisted wire) and STP (shielded twisted-pair), including any combination of star, peer-to-peer, or daisy-chain cabling topology.

In addition to Ethernet transmission, TBus technology can deliver 56VDC power for remote transceivers and their remote PoE devices (IP cameras, etc.). Loads of up to 1 amp are possible supporting High Power PoE+ devices up to 50 watts. Advanced 128-bit AES encrypted network speeds of up to 150Mbps, and data distances of 2.5Km (8,000ft) are also possible on RG59/U.

“The new range of TBus products provides customers with a cost-effective solution to migrate to IP based surveillance. With TBus, IP cameras can be deployed over UTP or coax cable, and at distances and power supply levels far beyond that achievable with conventional IEEE 802.3ab standard based IP/PoE,” says Guy Apple, VP Marketing & Sales, NVT Inc. 

“NVT’s advanced TBus transmission and power technology provides ultra-robust connectivity for all IP cameras, including megapixel. Bringing cost and performance benefits for brand new or existing surveillance installations, NVT’s TBus technology offers an easily deployable route to IP surveillance.”

TBus transmitters include the single-port NV-ET1801 and the 4-port NV-ET1804. TBus receivers include the 4-port NV-ER1804, 8-port NV-ER1808i, and 16-port NV-1816i. The 8 and 16-port receivers are 1U rack-mountable, and contain browser-based management tools.

Offering installers and end-users peace-of-mind, the new range of TBus IP transmission devices is also fully covered by NVT’s Limited Lifetime Warranty & Advance Replacement policy.

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