NVT’s EoC transceiver achieves Benchmark ‘Recommended’ Status

NV1701 three qtr with BNC
NV1701 three qtr with BNC

NV1701 three qtr with BNC

Winning a recent Benchmark magazine shootout versus Ethernet over Coax transceivers from a variety of other manufacturers, Network Video Technologies’     NV-EC1701 EoC device scored a triumphant 83% overall rating.

The UK’s only security publication dedicated to establishing a performance index for electronic security products, Benchmark magazine awarded NVT’s EoC transceiver with its ‘Recommended’ status, and a group test winning 88% performance rating.

Delivering Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet up to 750m over new or existing coax cable, each NVT EoC transceiver can distribute PoE to up to 4 remote transceivers, and their associated IP/Megapixel/PoE cameras.

Simple to install, the NVT EC-1701 forms the basis of NVT’s growing range of Ethernet and Power delivery products. The unit provides an alternative solution for end-users looking to economically upgrade to IP, Megapixel or High Definition CCTV surveillance, using their existing coax cable infrastructure.

In their assessment of the NVT EC-1701 EoC transceiver, Benchmark said: “With a standard definition camera delivering a H.264 stream, the NVT EC-1701 behaved just as a LAN did. Video was sent smoothly and with good levels of detail and colour balance, and the frame rate was spot-on. There was no additional latency, and the stream, which averaged 2Mbps – 4Mbps bitrate, was consistent throughout the test.’

Benchmark went on to say: “With a HD1080p camera configured for high-quality streams, the EC-1701 delivered exactly what was required, and showed that it is a true alternative to using a dedicated network. Frame rates, motion and detail were all preserved, and there weren’t any issues with performance.”


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