NVT TBus® IP transmission secures New York’s Linden Airport

New York’s Linden Airport

NVT TBus® IP transmission secures New York’s Linden Airport

Built as an aircraft test facility during the World War II, today, New York’s Linden Airport metro area is home to light aircraft traffic. Just three miles away from Newark Airport and home for around 100 aircraft, Linden Airport covers an area of 188 acres, has a landing area of 4,140ft X 100ft, and handles over 120 flight operations each day. Its location also makes it an ideal base for helicopters ready to fly-out to the next news story, for many of New York’s radio and TV news channels.

Utilising a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, Linden Airport management recently upgraded the airport’s overall security. The modernisation included the installation of numerous IP surveillance cameras and associated video analytics, and an access control system with modern badging and biometrics.

The security systems integrator, Technocality Inc, worked with Linden Airport administration staff to design a comprehensive and advanced solution. The touch points of the upgrade included fence entry points, public areas, fuel storage farm, hangars, runways and airport staff offices. With regard to IP surveillance, some of these locations were at signal transmission distances well beyond normal IEEE 100m Category 5 cable standards. This extended transmission distance became the application challenge and saw the installer search for an IP transmission product that would be able to meet this tough requirement.

After a review of manufacturers’ products and transmission technologies available, Network Video Technologies’ (NVT) TBus Ethernet over UTP/ Coax transmission technology was selected. NVT’s TBus was chosen because it was the only product that could meet the total application requirement, not just for performance but also reliability and support. “NVT’s equipment enabled us to increase the spread of security enhancements, due to the overall cost savings made via reduced cabling time and materials,” says Paul Dudley, Linden Airport’s Administrator.

The cable cost savings were made by NVT TBus technology affording the re-use of many existing cables within the airport site for IP and PoE transmission, with distances ranging from 50 to 1,000ft via RG6 and RG59U coax and Cat3 voice grade cable.

The use of TBus technology at the site has been so successful that in future, Linden Airport plans to include additional IP surveillance cameras, which will be connected and powered by NVT’s TBus Ethernet and PoE product technology.


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