NVT releases new IP Video and PoE Product Solutions guide

Network Video Technologies (NVT), the award-winning manufacturer of high-performance analogue and digital video transmission products, has released a new IP Video and PoE Product Solutions guide.

Available to Download or as a hard copy on request, the new guide provides an abundance of performance data, technical information and example applications for each product in NVT’s IP range – including their new high-performance TBus Ethernet over UTP/ Coax transmission products.

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For use with a wide variety of cable types, the new TBus range includes the single-port NV-ET1801 and 4-port NV-ET1804 transmitters, and 4-port NV-ER1804, 8-port NV-ER1808i, and 16-port NV-1816i receivers. The 1U rack-mountable 8 and 16-port receivers also include browser-based management tools.

Providing installers and designers with a highly flexible, simple and cost-effective solution versus traditional IP products, the new range of IP transmission devices utilise NVT’s unique Transmission Bus (TBus) technology, to provide the backbone communications architecture. Compatible with a wide range of cable media, TBus products support UTP, coax, 18/2, 2-wire (un-twisted wire) and STP (shielded twisted-pair) – and in any combination of star, peer-to-peer, or daisy-chain cabling topology.

Commenting on the release of the new guide Guy Apple, VP Marketing & Sales, NVT Inc, said:  “The new guide details the latest range of NVT IP and TBus technology. Essentially, all of these products provide a cost-effective opportunity for installers to deploy IP cameras over UTP or coax cable, at distances and power supply levels far beyond that possible with conventional IP/PoE.”

In addition to the new IP Video and PoE Product Solutions guide, NVT’s range of IP products is supported by separate Data sheets and A&E Specifications literature, available to Download via NVT’s website.

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