Newly-appointed NSI Board member eyes increased installer engagement

Simon Banks

Simon Banks wants to improve relationships between installers and the Inspectorate through his new position on the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Board of Directors.

His appointment to the Board was confirmed by the Inspectorate earlier this week after a 20-year-plus professional alliance with the NSI, which recently included working on the 100 in 100 Apprenticeship scheme.

Looking forward, he believes that the NSI need to become more engaged with installers to turn around the way the Inspectorate’s role is viewed in the eyes of NSI-approved companies.

Banks, currently Group Managing Director of CSL Communications Group, told SecurityNewsDesk installers should feel encouraged to meet the NSI standard as the Inspectorate can help businesses look “more competitive and more professional” in a crowded and very serious security market.

“The installers and the inspectorates need to form a much better understanding and alliance so they can deliver that end result,” he added.

“I would like to see, in an ideal world, the installer viewing the inspectorate as a complimentary part of their business.”

He stated that NSI-approved companies should see the standard as a “barrier to entry” for any rogue firms looking to unscrupulously under-cut professional businesses.

Banks also hopes to help encourage more apprenticeships into NSI-approved companies, through the 100 in 100 Apprenticeship scheme, in order to get young people more engaged with the industry.

The NSI has recently undertaken large changes in terms of image, a process which included rebranding, a new website, venturing into social media and a range of new audit products.

Jeff Little, NSI chief executive, said the new Board member is the ideal person to “project and portray that new image of the NSI in the future” as the Inspectorate looks to evolve and grow.

“There is a massive amount of change going on in the security industry and we needed to adapt to the change that is going on,” he said.

“We have had our two best months in terms of new business despite the recession over the past two months, and despite what is traditionally a quiet time of the year.

“We’ve had to take on extra staff to cope with the demands of applications that are coming in, so that is very positive.”

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