Nortech to release NorPass3 with ‘Accommodation’ feature

Nortech Accommodation Feature Door Hanger

Nortech is set to release the latest version (v 2.7) of its well-received access control software, NorPass3 later this month.

A major update included in the latest Version is the ‘Accommodation’ feature. The feature has been specifically developed to cater for lodging applications such as student accommodation, hostels, hotels and social housing, and for sites with complex access level issues.

Developed in response to requests from Nortech installers, the ‘Accommodation’ feature is a powerful, complimentary extension to an individual’s access rights. The feature can be used to permit a cardholder unlimited access to a particular room in a just a few simple steps, one obvious application being students’ accommodation.

For example, by simply selecting – User > Accommodation – from the Norpass3 toolbar, a cardholder can be assigned unrestricted access to a specific door in addition to their other access rights (see below).

Norpass3 accommodation access rights screen

This means that a cardholder can be assigned a common access level such as, ‘Work Hours’, (which permits him access to certain university buildings between 9.00 and 17.00) and by using the Accommodation feature, he can also been assigned unlimited access to his dorm room (see below).

Norpass3 access control software - Access Rights Viewer

Nortech believes that its new integrated ‘Accommodation’ feature will simplify the administration and management of access rights. The dedicated ‘Accommodation’ feature can be used with Nortech’s impressive range of readers. It also complements Nortech’s wireless door handle reader capabilities (in partnership with Aperio) to deliver a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

The ‘Accommodation’ feature, and additional new reporting capabilities, will be included as standard on NorPass3 (v2.7).

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