Norbain announces it can now offer alarm transmission devices to customers


Norbain SD logoNorbain is pleased to announce that it can now offer customers alarm transmission devices thanks to new supplier WebWayOne. WebWay is the most advanced security signalling system for intruder, fire and verification applications. The solution combines alarm transmission, network monitoring and secure panel upload/download.

WebWay Dual Path products are approved and specified by leading insurers including RSA, Aviva and  Allianz. Their solutions are independently approved by the BRE/LPCB to PD6662, LPS1277 Issue 3 and EN standards for intruder and fire signalling. All dual path products are provided with our unique WebWay RoamingPLUS GPRS inclusive of polling and alarms. Catastrophic failure is always detected in 3.5 minutes for IP/GPRS and 11 minutes GPRS/PSTN.

WebWay receivers are installed across the UK in all national ARCs. The WebWay range of products includes GPRS/PSTN, IP/GPRS, GPRS, IP/PSTN or IP only configurations. All options support extended format alarms and UDL for all leading alarm panel manufacturers. No modem is required – users can connect to the panel bus directly.

All WebWay systems can be remotely managed in real time using the Command Centre application, enabling installers to avoid unnecessary site visits and diagnose issues before attending site.

“We are very pleased to have entered into partnership with Norbain for distribution of our WebWay products,” comments Chris Carter Brennan, commercial director at WebWayOne. “Our insurance approved signalling systems reduce operational costs of alarm signalling whilst adding value for all parties. All WebWay products use the same LPCB and CPD approved hardware platform making installation and maintenance the simplest on the market. All products are upgradeable enabling installers to enhance signalling for customers as their risk changes. We are looking forward to a long successful partnership with Norbain.”

Hannah Broadhurst, Norbain’s intruder business manager, comments: “We’re delighted to welcome WebWayOne to the business and offer our customers specialist alarm signalling. The WebWay products are an excellent fit with our portfolio, providing resilient dual path alarm transmission for commercial and domestic systems. WebWay also offers the ability to integrate multiple systems and signal to the chosen ARC, reducing the number of required phone lines.”


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