Norbain and Vivotek in strategic partnership

Norbain & Vivotek
Norbain & Vivotek

Norbain & Vivotek

Norbain and VIVOTEK have joined forces to offer customers 5-Megaxpixel IP surveillance solutions. VIVOTEK, a leading brand in the security industry, is known for its speciality and expertise in system applications and integrations.

The strategic partnership will extend the reach of VIVOTEK’s wide range of products to the European market. The comprehensive product line of VIVOTEK includes network cameras, video servers, video receivers and central management systems.

According to Sharon Lee, Sales Director of Brand Business at VIVOTEK, VIVOTEK has had a long standing relationship with Norbain, who has played a vital role in strengthening market coverage of the brand in Europe. “Our European expansion is in direct response to the increasing demand for IP-based surveillance products and solutions around the globe,” said Lee. “The security industry is highly competitive and growing rapidly. Users are constantly seeking versatile, easy-to-use and reliable solutions. Although there are many choices on the market for network cameras, none of them comes close to the usability, affordability and reliability of VIVOTEK.”

Designed by VIVOTEK’s innovative Research & Development teams adopting ground-breaking codec technologies, the 5-Megaxpixel solutions are ideal for professional applications. In addition to VIVOTEK FD8372, which has been in mass production since May 2012, FE8172V, IP8172 and IP8372 are some of the other 5-Megapixel models scheduled to be released in the same year.

“Vivotek have again listened to what the market requires and have delivered more products that enhances their current range of IP based surveillance cameras,” comments Buzz Coates, Norbain’s CCTV manager. “Working in conjunction with VIVOTEK extends our customers’ confidence in Norbain’s ability to supply affordable and reliable products/solutions in the IP-based video surveillance industry.”


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