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The leading news and product information portal for the entire security industry, Security News Desk is a newspaper for everyone who cares about how we make our world more secure.

  • Launched in January 2011
  • Online RSS (Rich Site Summary) reader has named as the third ‘best CCTV blog on the planet’ in its Top 75 CCTV Blog Awards
  • Published bi monthly, although special editions may be produced if required
  • Covering Physical Security, Surveillance, Cybersecurity, Product News, Events, Corporate
  • News, Counter Terror, Transport Security & more
  • covers everything from company news and products to legislation, regulation and best practice
  • Also available in digital format

While websites are well suited to rolling news coverage, print publications provide a more packaged editorial product for readers to enjoy at their leisure.

Our Security News Desk newspaper aims to challenge the reader and the industry, to provoke a conversation about the nature and future of security around the world.

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