New videos online: Camera installation tips

New video tutorials from Dallmeier offer handy hints for installing cameras.

The Regensburg-based video specialist Dallmeier has placed a series of new videos and tutorials online, providing handy tips for installing a camera. What steps should be taken before the actual installation, and why is a functional test so important? How does the “ShockWatch Indicator” help when checking for transit damage? How do weather and temperature influences affect the installation and configuration of a camera? What should be considered particularly now, during the cold season? And why exactly do glass panels fog up, and what can be done to remedy that?

All questions are answered clearly by Dallmeier in a few short video clips, which are online as of now on the Dallmeier website and the Dallmeier YouTube channel.

Before installation:
Weather effects:
Condensation on glass:


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