New Video Analytics Feature from RIVA® – Complex Rules


With the new firmware update 1.8 for the RIVA full HD camera line, the video analytics from RIVA gets a new innovative feature – complex rules. With it, different zones/lines and filters can be combined logically and act dependently from each other. Thus, the video analytics is even more reliable, fewer false alarms are triggered and even more application areas are covered.

For example, when monitoring a large industrial area, one detection line can be set around the perimeter walls and one detection zone can cover the whole courtyard. Only if someone crosses the line and within a few seconds the same person enters the zone, an alarm is triggered. Thus, on both sites of the walls people like security guards can move freely without triggering an alarm.

Furthermore, the video analytics can act in relation to specific time intervals. For example, when monitoring the entrance hall of a company which is entered by hundreds of employees and customers during the office hours, but which shouldn’t be entered by anyone outside the office hours, the video analytics only triggers an alarm detecting an object between 6pm to 6 am.

The new feature also provides significant benefits when monitoring traffic flows. For example, to control if drivers keep a sufficient distance on a highway every few meters a detection zone is set. If a vehicle crosses a line and within 2 seconds another vehicle crosses the same line in the same direction an alarm is triggered.

These are only a few application examples. The new VCA feature provides numerous other fields of application.

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