New version of feature-rich NetSupport DNA released

New version of IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA released

New version of feature-rich NetSupport DNA released

IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA, now includes even more features to support the effective management of an organisation's technology, while delivering further cost and time savings, plus increasing security, the company claims.

In addition to Hardware inventory and discovery, Software license management, Endpoint security, Complete Power management, Proactive security alerts, Web and Application metering and more - the latest update now includes:

Vault: A secure Vault component to allow storage of serial numbers, passwords or any other confidential IT data. Access to the Vault can be restricted to specific console users and activity can be recorded against the central DNA audit trail.

System Audit: A powerful Audit component to allow tracking of all selected console activity by staff. The Audit feature records when policies or settings are changed, entries are added or deleted or where rights are changed for any DNA user.

Extended multi-site support: For larger organisations, NetSupport DNA’s enhanced data queue allows incoming data from the DNA agents to be quickly processed by the server, reducing the lag time between agent and console. This ensures the console data is always refreshed, providing an up-to-date overview of all activity - no matter how many IT assets you’re managing.

Remote Control: To save even more time, powerful Remote Control and monitoring features such as screen viewing, to transferring files and more, have been added to NetSupport DNA as a standard feature. Administrators no longer have to manually visit each site or computer, and instead can manage and control all computers from one central location - providing further time savings.

New version of IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA released

Remote Management Tools: Adding to the remote control and monitoring features within NetSupport DNA, the latest version also allows you to run command line instructions and scripts at Agent PCs using Remote Command Prompt or PowerShell; and remotely view and edit the Registry, making remote device management even easier.

Video recording: Within the eSafety module (Education Edition only), a new Video recording option is included within the keyword monitoring feature. Providing insight into student activity, the keywords and phrases can have can have individual severity levels set (including a new ‘urgent’ category) which control the outcome on matching: from a simple log of the activity that triggers an alert, through to capturing a screenshot – and also now a video recording – of the triggered event.

Safeguarding language packs: Within the database of pre-supplied safeguarding keywords and phrases, language packs are also included as standard to supports school with students learning English as an additional language (EAL). Now teachers and safeguarding leads will be able to extend their safeguarding provision to a wider group of students, as the packs allow them to see and monitor phonetic representations of what students are typing in languages other than English. In addition to English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Portuguese, NetSupport DNA also include language packs for Latvian, Lithuanian, Urdu and Polish.

Optimised query tool: Within the reporting tool, new totaling options have been added, providing greater flexibility on custom reporting. Questions now include a range of new options for totaling custom reports, like setting a max value. This helps to identify the largest value within your custom search more efficiently, saving you time by avoiding a manual search.

Database Maintenance - New Data size tab: The database maintenance utility allows the administrator to easily maintain and cleanse various parts of the DNA Database, from deleting data, pcs and applications to importing data files. The latest version now includes a new Data Size” tab as the first option. This tab displays the number of records and data size for internet metering, application metering and eSafety (Education Edition only) providing you with the information needed to keep your NetSupport DNA database at a manageable size.

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