New thermal imaging security cameras from Acal BFi

New thermal imaging security cameras from Acal BFi combine high performance with competitive unit cost

CCTi family of thermal and dual visible/thermal cameras provides high resolution and supports use of automatic video analytics

Acal BFi, today announced the launch of the CCTi family of thermal imaging cameras, offering security systems suppliers the best-ever combination of performance, features and cost.

Providing an IP and analogue video output at a resolution of 384p x 288p or 640p x 480p, the CCTi thermal imaging cameras give a highly stable output in all lighting conditions. Their imaging performance is unaffected by fog, smoke or other effects that impair the output from a visible camera. The cameras are ideal for use in critical security applications, such as power plants and other utility sites, prisons, car parks, tunnels, mobile surveillance towers and perimeter surveillance.

The CCTi cameras are available at launch in four variants:

  • CCTi-300P-01 thermal imager offers 384p x 288p resolution and Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) control, with analogue video output (no IP)
  • CCTi-300P-02 is a PTZ 384p x 288p dual visible/thermal camera with dual analogue video outputs (no IP)
  • CCTi-300B-01 is a bullet thermal camera with 384p x 288p resolution, providing simultaneous analogue video and IP outputs
  • CCTi-600B-01 is a bullet thermal camera with a higher 640p x 480p resolution, providing simultaneous analogue video and IP outputs

Multiple lens options are available to give the required field of view and range.

Because these thermal imagers work are equally effective in daylight or at night, they offer users a low total cost of ownership compared to conventional visible CCTV systems, since no area lighting is required for the imagers to work.

The output from the CCTi cameras is compatible with all video analytics systems, and the cameras are easy to install. They also support all standard security system control protocols.

Alex Schneider, business development director at Acal BFi, said: ‘Acal BFi has introduced the CCTi thermal cameras to give Europe’s security integrators and installers a new option offering better value for money than any previous thermal camera. We are confident that, once security professionals have seen a CCTi camera in operation, they will feel its performance matches the best that the industry has to offer today, and at a highly competitive price.’

To request an evaluation unit or to buy a CCTi camera, contact any branch of Acal BFi. More information about the CCTi cameras, and contact details for all branches of Acal BFi, may be found at

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