New Slim380 NVR from Plustek is Ultra-compact and supports 8 IP camera channels

Plustek Slim380 NVR

Plustek Slim380 NVR

Plustek Slim380 NVR

Robust and compact design makes mobile surveillance easy

Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer, professional and office imaging devices (including portable scanners, sheetfed/flatbed scanners and photo scanners), has launched its most innovative standalone NVR (network video recorder) to date. The Plustek Slim380 builds on last year’s Slim240 by supporting eight IP camera channels running at up to 120fps compared to the Slim240’s four IP cameras channels running at up to 60fps.

The Slim380’s outer design remains unchanged. Its robust aluminium design facilitates heat dissipation and its embedded switch port allows users to connect network cameras in seconds. This, in turn, enables simple multi-site local recording, which saves video feeds directly into an internal storage system to bypass the need to run any computers. Remote users can view live streams, playback, and even backup data to any predefined server using Plustek’s bundled video management software.

The Slim380’s unique features can be fully utilised even in normally difficult to monitor environments. One practical use of the NVR is at construction sites, where its sealed design allows it to operate in harsh environments. In addition, the time stamp feature allows users to keep track of construction progress and easily revisit past accidents.

Another practical feature of the Slim380 is its ability to help prevent theft and vandalism. While its diminutive size keeps it out of sight of intruders, the event alert feature immediately notifies users when it senses possible ill-intended trespassers. Its size advantage also makes it extremely useful at places with space constraints such as public transfer boxes, petrol stations, gate entrances and areas with high ceilings.

With the Slim380 users will find a peace of mind no matter how far away they are – not only will the videos be stored locally, users can also set scheduled backups to remote servers to protect recorded data. They can even specify frame rate to select the most appropriate trade-off between quality and backup cost for their company. Videos are recorded in the standard AVI format (H.264 and MPEG4 also supported), making later playback through any media players a breeze.

Other key benefits of Slim380 include flawless integration with IP cameras. The biggest value of IP surveillance comes from its ability to connect with IP cameras to attain resolution levels unachievable by its traditional CCTV counterpart. The Slim380 is ideal for IP cameras as it does not add additional overheads to servers – even when using high frame rate settings. As a result, video recordings can go uninterrupted even when a remote central server shuts down or during peak traffic hours. Users never have to worry about losing critical footage again.

In terms of energy consumption, the Slim380 is one of the best of its kind. It runs a Linux-based operating system and has an extremely low energy consumption level of 8 watts. Coupled with the ability to integrate with solar energy, the Slim380 is exceptionally energy efficient and perfect for multi-site use. Users can use the bundled Multi-Manager software to easily manage over 128 channels by streaming multiple videos on the same screen. Additionally, users on the go can access individual site’s feeds through their mobile devices. The system flexible design also allows for setting multiple permission levels. With tiered access privileges, recorded data can be retrieved securely and remotely via the Web and/or FTP.

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