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SINCT logoSICNT (, launched their new-look website today, after a period of review and redesign that took into the accounts from users, analysis of visitor behavior, and SICNTSOPHY (SICNT’s Concept), it brings you with SICNT’s concept, value, attitude, promise. The website is designed for retailers, consumers and commercial business owners alike, the user‐friendly site offers more than a traditional product website. The improvement and new function on the SICNT website, is the ‘SICNT Helper‘. It brings the suggestions to the clients for their specific needs.

SICNT provides a wide range of products from the analogue cameras, HD-SDI cameras and IP cameras. They are classified into 6 families – ENOCH, BERT, LEITH, ALDEN, DEXTER and AITEK depending on the client needs and requirements. And the ‘SICNT Helper’ aims to help the clients to find suitable cameras with a few simple steps.

After entering the ‘SICNT Helper’ page, the visitor simply chooses the situation based on their surveillance requirements such as commercial/ shop surveillance, gateway surveillance, spacious area surveillance and public utility surveillance. Then, they are required to select a place and the most concerned criteria on their surveillance needs. For example, use cameras in retail shop with high image quality. After then, the SICNT Helper will match the conditions and select the most suitable camera to the visitor. And one further click, SICNT Helper will provide the product information such as features, specifications and dimensions at once.

Moreover, the visitor can find out more in the suggested camera that it can be used in other conditions. SICNT Helper is designed to help visitor to understand more on cameras and to make the decision.

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