New product installation module launched for PSSA Verification Scheme


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A new product installation module is being launched by the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) as part of the next stage of development of the PSSA Verification Scheme, which is a scheme for ensuring rigorous standards are met by high security perimeter systems.

The PSSA Verification Scheme is a robust scheme that has been designed to give suppliers and buyers confidence that their systems and products meet the tough requirements of the first line of defence against terrorism or criminal attack. Physical security barriers such as vehicle security barriers, access control points, security fencing and other perimeter installations must meet the highest standards to ensure they can play a critical role in protecting the national infrastructure.

The PSSA Verification Scheme gives a rigorous system for ensuring that suppliers’ management systems and product quality consistently meet legal requirements and internationally recognised standards.

The new module expands the Verification Scheme to include product installation. This can be a complex process  which must be done by a professional who understands threat mitigation and who has the necessary skills to assemble, install and integrate perimeter security equipment. The new installation module gives a comprehensive assurance to specifiers, buyers and users – installation is the vital link between the users’ security risk assessment, operational requirements and the perimeter security solution itself. The module includes verification of a range of criteria including those for installation specification, performance, service design and delivery, testing, activation and handover.

The PSSA Verification Scheme includes an evaluation of a suppliers’ management systems and verification of the products and their installation by an independent UKAS accredited certification body. On meeting the standards of the PSSA Verification Scheme, the PSSA Verification Mark is awarded and a listing placed in the Industry Listing – the authoritative reference for high security products.

Stephen Munden, Manager of the PSSA Verification Scheme commented: “Meeting the highest standards in all aspects of high security perimeter systems and products is critical to suppliers and buyers. Extending the PSSA Verification Scheme to include installation of these products is an important next stage in ensuring the highest standards. Many organisations with ISO 9001 certification don’t have credible quality management systems and we are aware of examples of knowledgable security consultants being used to specify the perimeter security solution, but then not being invited back to site to ensure that the solution meets the specification.”

“The new installation module for the PSSA Verifications Scheme will give customers assurance that suppliers who have the PSSA Verification Mark will provide products that have been properly installed, are fit for purpose and meet regulatory requirements. Suppliers can confidently give proof of this high level of compliance and consistency.”

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