Yorkshire multi-million office building implements ievo biometric readers

Ievo has seen its biometric fingerprint technology installed in the new £4.5 million Allam Marine offices building within East Yorkshire.

This high profile installation has come as great news to ievo, the biometric manufacture, as it reflects their high quality and high reliability products, perfect for within offices. Biometric access control was the essential choice for this office building as…

With superior quality as a standard pre-requisite, Allam Marine needed a particular finish for the door access system together with a specific set of access requirements. As the leading UK biometric manufacturers, ievo was easily able to meet these requirements with their products renowned for reliability with a high profile image. The easily configurable feature further made it the overriding choice.

The install involved a boon edam circlelock entrance, which was a first for the biometric manufacturers. This allowed for standard access along with secondary opening actions from dedicated readers elsewhere in the building. One of the main benefits of the system is the ability to “latch” open the circle lock in the event of corporate open days, together with full biometric accountability.

Martin Conley, IT Manager Allam Marine, said: “The bespoke circle lock access system at our Melton site was unique in that it was the first one of its kind in the UK using ievo biometric access solutions. Our requirements were complex and we found a highly suitable solution from ievo which answered all of our specific requirements. Since the installation with Cobus we have been extremely satisfied with the installation which has met our demands and it is outperforming all of our initial expectations.”

How the circle lock access control works

The member registers their print upon joining the business. This print now acts as the identification method, replacing the traditional identification card. When the member arrives at the offices they simply press their finger onto the reader and this opens the first door of the Circlelock. The Circlelock consists of two sliding doors, which will open one after the other, creating an interlocking security booth. The access-control system is a bi-directional security door allowing entry and exit in turn.

Choosing fingerprint readers over card access control

Allam Marine is just one of many high profile office buildings that have turned to biometrics for access control in the recent months. The difficultly of tracking cards due to staff losing or swapping cards, alongside their brittle nature were two of the main reasons as to why the office site wanted to veer away from standard card access control. Allam Marine wanted a robust reader that would solve time and attendance issues whilst still provide top level security.

Other installs by the same biometrics access control company include two premiership football grounds and buildings within the Canary Warf area in London.



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