New low-profile LD222E4 1080P HD IP camera unveiled by Lilin



Lilin claims its LD222E4, a 1080P HD IP low profile camera, part of the new L series, is ideal for internal applications as its measures just 105mm in diameter and has a discreet white design.

Equipped with a 4.3mm lens and with features including Sense Up+, audio and motion detection, PoE, WDR and privacy masking, the camera can be easily tailored to suit the needs of individual applications. Smashing both traditional and current IP camera price barriers, the LD222E4 comes in at a mere £132 RRP; LILIN has removed the premium associated with high definition cameras making IP a technology accessible to all.

The LD222E4 can be paired with LILIN’s NVR series. This will not only provide an exceptional user experience, but ultimately deliver a completely affordable solution, costing no more than an analogue system. For example, take four LD222E4 cameras and a HD NVR for just £999 RRP.


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