New Locinox Gate Closure Brochure

Belgium based Locinox has brought out a brand new brochure detailing their range of Mammoth, Verticlose and Samson gate closers.  In celebration, their key distributor in the UK, Barrier Components Ltd, will be offering 10% off all purchases on this product until the end of April.

Renowned for the production of quality products, all Locinox gate closers feature hydraulic damping, are unaffected by severe temperature changes, have an adjustable closing speed and force, are created from rustproof materials and come with an easy mounting quick installation system.

Mammoth, with 180 degree opening, is a hydraulic swing gate closer and bearing hinge in one for gates up to 150 kg and 1200mm wide.

Verticlose, as its name suggests, is a vertical industrial gate closer for gates up to 80kg. It comes in two versions “STD” for gates requiring 90 degree opening and “RAIL” offering a 180 degree opening. Both have been tested to work in the most extreme heat conditions from -30 to +60 degrees centigrade.

Samson is a horizontally mounted gate closer offered in two models. One supports a 90 degree hinge and the other a 180 degree hinge and once again tested in temperatures from -30 to +60 degrees centigrade.

For full specification on these gate closers check out the barrier Components website at or contact their Technical Team on 01708 891515 or

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