New IP66 thermal imaging camera added to Panasonic security line-up

Panasonic logoThanks to high-performance specification, fast and easy installation and robust build quality, Panasonic thermal cameras are the ideal tool for high priority security applications within transportation, utilities, government, commercial and financial markets.

Integrated thermal surveillance camera solutions 
Panasonic thermal cameras complement Panasonic’s already extensive range of surveillance and  security solutions with includes everything from full high definition 1080P cameras, monitors and recording solutions, cloud based recording and storage, business intelligence video analytics, IP and analogue cameras, 360 degree view cameras to infra-red cameras for low light conditions.

Panasonic thermal cameras with built-in motion detection not only allow night time vision without
illumination, but also complement Panasonic vision cameras during the daytime, giving the following

  • Ability to see people and vehicles through foliage and smoke
  • Easily identify the presence of people who try to blend into the scenery through camouflage
  • Detect person at up to 1.5km
  • Detect vehicles at up to 4km
  • Inbuilt motion detection enables the creation of effective virtual fences or areas to be monitored for
  • intrusion with significantly reduced false triggers compared to vision cameras
  • Enable clearer and easier monitoring of scenes by security personnel for people and vehicle movement

Powerful specification, high performance 
Behind its high quality germanium window, Panasonic thermal cameras deploy a powerful uncooled silicon microbolometer thermal detector available in a choice of 384×288 and 640×480 resolutions with sensor frequency rates of below 9Hz or 25Hz and above. The 384×288 sensor has a thermal sensitivity of
50mK, the 640×480 sensor has a thermal sensitivity of 70mK. A spectral sensitivity rating of 8mm to 14mm enables detailed clarity even on the darkest of nights or most difficult of scenes.

Panasonic thermal cameras are a powerful electronic sensor and security measure for the most challenging operational circumstances. Available in a range of lens sizes from 15mm to 45mm with other sizes available on demand for special applications.

Connectivity is well covered with two H.264 and one .JPEG network interfaces and smart features such as Motion Adaptive Interlace / Progressive Conversion enables clear viewing of moving scenes.

Video Motion Detection can also be programmed to trigger alarms along with Command Alarm and Video Loss depending on specific requirements whilst it is possible to always display the camera title within the output image for faster identification of threat location and greater real time situational awareness.

Fast and easy to install
Intelligent PoE+ provides both network connectivity and power supply in a single cable, reducing the number of cable runs required and cutting setup time whilst Plug and Play compatibility with Panasonic recorders and software ensures additional speed of install.

Panasonic thermal camera units are also designed to be lightweight using a polycarbonate main body and to simplify cable management and convenience the housing swings away from the mount during installation.

Mounting options include wall, pole and ceiling mount and 8 languages are supported through the multiple language user interfaces for maximum flexibility.

IP66 rugged and robust reliability
Aluminium mountings, IP66 rated resilience means Panasonic thermal camera offers signature Panasonic reliability, even in the most testing of conditions. Through the use of a blower and heater, continuous operation in a range of temperatures from -30°C to 55°C is possible and a sunshield further
protects the unit from extreme sunlight.

Ready for a range of applications
Panasonic thermal cameras are designed to enhance the extensive existing range of Panasonic solutions in a broad range of high priority security and surveillance applications.

  • Transportation / Airports, railways and sea ports
  • Utilities / Power, water and gas facilities
  • Government / Military and border security use
  • Commercial / Research and data centres, manufacturing, financial an banking organisations where
  • cash is frequently handled

Full specifications for the thermal camera can be found at the link below.

Panasonic thermal cameras


Full specifications
Panasonic website

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