New high quality HD cameras announced by RIVA


RIVA has unveiled a new full IP camera line and IP encoders with integrated video analytics in each product at the price of a standard camera.

The RIVA product range comprises powerful and universally deployable surveillance cameras and servers for both – indoor and outdoor use. Therefore, RIVA box cameras, cube cameras, dome and PTZ dome cameras, IR and bullet cameras are bound to impress with their excellent image quality at resolutions from VGA / D1 to 2 megapixel / 1080P HD.

IFSEC Award nomination

One of RIVAs unique HD products is the Full HD IP-Dome camera RC 3302 HD for indoor and RC 3702 HD for outdoor applications which were even shortlisted for the IFSEC Award in the category “CCTV Camera Equipment Product of the Year”. These remote repositioning Full HD IP-Domes with H.264/MJPEG and the size of a standard 5” Mini Dome, offer the benefit of a PTZ camera.

Due to the easy installation labor costs are saved, as any onsite positioning and focusing of the camera are not required. The installation time can be reduced to an absolute minimum and can even be performed by people with limited technical background. The cameras provide up to 10 preset positions that can be set automatically via a timer function.

Furthermore, the mini domes offer a remote zoom/focus control with “one-click” autofocus. Both remote repositioning RIVA cameras offer features, such as dual stream, 2-way audio, digital in-/output, SD card slot, USB, ONVIF compatibility and PoE – all this at a price of standard IP Mini Dome cameras. Additionally, the outdoor version RC 3702 HD is suitable for operations at temperatures from – 20°C up to 50°C, due to IP66 housing including fan and heater.

RIVA product news

Just in time for the IFSEC International 2013 in Birmingham, RIVA expanded its product line with three new high quality HD cameras.

RIVAs RC 3202 HD camera comes in a compact indoor mini dome design. This camera is especially suited for high volume camera projects and offers features like dual stream, SD card slot, ONVIF compatibility, PoE, D-WDR and further more.

Despite the RC 3202 HD mini dome camera, RIVA also offers the new ultra-compact-mini dome camera RC 302 HD. This camera is especially designed for indoor usage as well as transportation applications like railway carriages or buses. Due to the special biscuit design the camera is vandal proofed (IK-09). Furthermore, the mini domes offers features like dual stream, SD card slot, ONVIF compatibility, PoE, DWDR etc. 

The RC 6802 HD is the third recently released addition camera of the RIVA product line. This mini bullet IP camera includes a built-in IR illuminator with an illumination distance of 10m (33ft) and is ideally suited for day and night usage. The indoor/ outdoor camera achieves a frame rate of up to 30 fps at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD). Additionally, the bullet camera offers the same features like the other new

RIVA-logoRIVA products. RIVA and video analytics by VCA Technology 

All RIVA cameras are delivered with the intelligent “onboard” video analytics – powered by VCA Technology – as a standard at no extra costs. Thereby, video images are already analyzed and evaluated before either being saved in the camera or transmitted for storage. Thus, the transmission of large data volume is avoided and high costs for storage belong to the past. Additionally, false alarms are significantly reduced. The standard version of this VCA technology is easily upgradable with additional filters for individual requirements and all kinds of applications. Due to the intuitive 3D graphic interface, the software can be set up quick and simple.

High-quality standard and easily configurable video analytic features mark RIVA cameras as an ideal solution for use in many different security markets.

Despite the high quality of RIVA products, experienced CCTV specialists with more than 25 years of know-how in video security solutions offer international service in network-based video technology (IP video) and surveillance systems

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