New dedicated website to support AMGPanogenics product range

AMGPanogenics New website
AMGPanogenics New website

AMGPanogenics New website

AMGPanogenics megapixel cameras prompts complete re-design of the company’s visual image to allow for two tier branding

AMG, the world leading manufacturer of transmission solutions and newly released sophisticated 5 megapixel cameras under the AMGPanogenics brand, have taken the consequence of their strategic move into new markets all the way through to their visual branding and has launched a new, very comprehensive, website.

International Sales & Marketing Director Sara Bullock says, “When we decided to embark on the development project for the PanoCam360 megapixel camera series with our sister company AMGPanogenics, it quickly became clear that we would need to work with a two tier branding strategy. Hence, the decision to market the transmission product ranges under the AMG Transmission Solution brand and the Camera ranges under the AMGPanogenics brand. It was a natural process to extend this philosophy to a new website design, which will hopefully make it much easier for our customers to find all the product information they need. The new site also reflects that fact that AMG has been developing an increasing number of customised solutions for specialised applications such as Remote Operating Vehicles/ Submersibles, Off Shore life safety systems, border solutions as well as battlefield asset protection.”

AMG has included a very comprehensive documentation library under downloads. The library is organised to facilitate ease of use for all relevant documents. Likewise, the product section has been enhanced with the new Camera and NVR products. AMG will now be seeking feedback from the users. Most notably the site will frequently be updated with new downloadable product documentation as well as press releases and case studies.

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