New data sheet for Dycon D1800 single-port PoE injectors and voltage splitters

In a move designed to satisfy unprecedented demand at IFSEC 2015 for more information, Dycon has released a new data sheet for its D1800 range of single-port, Mid-Range PoE injectors and splitters.

The new data sheet includes full technical specifications for this cost-effective range of PoE injectors and splitters. The D1800-P34 injectors provides a full 35W power to drive any IP peripheral including CCTV cameras, access control readers and controllers and many other devices.

“We have made a series of large, multi-channel PoE units  for people who want to install from 4 to 16 IP devices or convert an existing system. What we saw at IFSEC was an increased demand for single-channel PoE injectors, which indicates to us that some of the more conservative traditional installers are now ‘dipping their toes into the IP water’ but doing it one device at a time,” said Tony Makosinski, Commercial Director of Dycon Power Solutions Ltd, “It is these people who need a data sheet that shows exactly what a PoE injector does, how it is fitted and, importantly, a data sheet can be used to show potential clients exactly what they will be getting.”

A snippet from the D1800 data sheet:

D1800 High Power/PoE Plus – Midspan Single-Port Injector

  • 35 Watts continuous output
  • Compliant to and exceeds IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at High Power/PoE Plus Power-over-Ethernet-standards
  • Supports data links at 10Mbs, 100Mbs or 1000Mbs (gigabit compatible)
  • Data and power carried on the same Ethernet cable
  • Extended temperature operating range

In addition to the PoE injector, the range includes two specialist products that enable an installer to break into any Cat5 Ethernet cable and extract 12VDC or 24VDC to locally power conventional devices thus removing the need to run cables from a conventional power supply unit. The data sheet can be downloaded from the new Dycon Power Solutions web site which contains technical specifications and manuals for most Dycon Power Solutions products.

For more information, and to download the data sheet, visit:

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