New Concept Pro HD-SDI camera is a first in the UK market

The CBP360-HD camera by Concept Pro

CCTV Distributor Videcon has introduced an innovative new camera to its HD-SDI range, which it describes as the most versatile HD-SDI camera in the market. The Concept Pro CBP360-HD is highly effective for viewing large areas such as retail outlets and hotels.

The camera uses a fisheye lens to create four different views of the same location simultaneously, as well as a single, wide-angle view. Each of these views can be monitored individually with full PTZ capability. It is even possible to enable Auto Tracking on one of the four views. It effectively does the job of four cameras at once and delivers 1080p resolution thanks to a 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

Marketing Manager Rob Watson comments:

“We already give our customers a great choice of HD-SDI equipment, and we’re delighted to add the Concept Pro CBP360-HD to our range. We received excellent feedback from customers on early samples of this product.

This camera is very different, but it does offer a genuine customer benefit, and every customer that’s seen it has been very impressed with the options it offers them. Like all of our HD-SDI range it boasts 1080p definition, and it works seamlessly with all of our other HD-SDI products.

We recommend that any installer involved in HD-SDI installations takes a good look at this product. It takes a demonstration of this product to fully appreciate what it is capable of and how you can use it. It’s also the only camera of its kind out there at the moment, so it could give you an edge against competitors who aren’t installing it. ”

The CBP360-HD can even capture analogue CCTV footage and works with all of Videcon’s analogue DVR range, such as the Concept Pro VXH264.  More details of the CBP360-HD can be found on Videcon’s website – – or through contacting Videcon on 01924 528000.

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